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Baobab Food


We supply baobab powder and baobab oil collected from wild baobab plantations in central and southern Tanzania. All harvesting and processing is carried out by hand. We also supply other African superfoods including moringa and hibiscus powders.

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Our Baobab Story

Read more on how we became Tanzania’s largest Baobab Powder exporter

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Find out how to use your Baobab Powder and other Superfoods

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Our Baobab Products

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We also sell Tanzania’s other premier superfood – Moringa – either in
powder form or capsules

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How To Enjoy Baobab Powder

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Sprinkle It

Like other superfood enthusiasts around the world, you can consume the extracts in powder form and sprinkle it on yoghurt, porridge, juices and other tasty treats.


Smoothie It

You can also consume baobab products as smoothies, which you can buy ready made or make at home. Some almond or coconut milk and baobab blended with bananas and mangoes will get you the smoothie you need. Even cocktail lovers use baobab to blend the perfect mix by mixing vodka and some baobab with fizzy water and rice syrup, among other ingredients.


Drink It

Create a drink using clean sparkling water and some authentic baobab powder. If you use it this way you might not need a sugary and unhealthy soft drink anytime soon.


Eat It

If you love making dishes of all kinds including sauces, baobab powder is a wonderful addition as a result of its unique tangy taste. Baobab extracts can also be enjoyed in homemade bread, tea and puddings.

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In Summary

In a nutshell, a review of the nutritional value and composition of the baobab tree shows its products are immensely rich; the pulp is a great source of vitamin C, leaves are richly endowed with minerals such as calcium and quality protein while the kernels and seeds have a higher lipid concentration.