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 The original powder and capsules

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The History Of Our Baobab Powder


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The Beginnings

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When we visited my wife’s grandmother on her remote farm in southern Tanzania, east Africa, we ran out of breakfast cereal.

She suggested making a local porridge mixed with baobab powder harvested organically from her farm.

This baobab porridge was a traditional meal and was used especially during periods of long drought, when all other crops failed.

I was hooked- baobab powder was a part of my diet and the idea for Baobab Food was born!


The Early Years

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We went on to running a boutique beach hotel on the shores of the Indian Ocean and all our breakfast smoothies and porridge always contained baobab powder all from the farm.

Baobab was now being touted as a superfood in Europe and more and more of our guests started taking some back home with them.

The high vitamin and nutrient content of the baobab was now making it a popular organic additive.


The Business Starts

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We sent our first 5 kilo shipment of pure baobab powder to an Australian health shop in 2012

 Although the baobab on the farm was over 800 years old it could not supply all the powder we required and we started working with villages throughout southern Tanzania to harvest the fruit.

 We also began developing new baobab products including baobab oil, baobab soap and baobab tea all of which were a hit at our hotel



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Baobab Food are now proud to export our products to the UK and sell them through this website – buying here direct from us the supplier allows you to save

 Our product range has expanded now to include baobab powder, baobab oil, baobab tea, baobab soap and baobab capsules.

 All our products are delivered to your door by first class post. 


Giving Back

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We have worked with over 30 small villages in Tanzania and all have been involved with the harvesting and production of baobab fruit.

 All these villages have problems associated with poverty; our main focus is on primary education and so we started the Mbuyu (KiSwahili for Baobab) Project.

 Through the Mbuyu Project, Baobab Food work with various NGOs in southern Tanzania and we donate 10% of all our profits to education organisations