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Baobab Fruit Benefits

While there are many herbs and trees used for medicinal and food purposes across Africa, it’s the baobab that stands out for its now famous fruit powder. Baobab benefits your health and this have been observed over hundreds of years; benefits include protection for all manner of diseases from gastrointestinal complications, malaria to malnutrition and including lots of health issues related to the deficiency of vitamin C.

In the western world the baobab fruit has been unknown for the longest time although history suggests it was used in America in the 19th to mid 20th century as a medicinal component. In Europe at about the same time baobab powder was used in cake making. Nonetheless, the citrus flavored tangy fruit from one of the most remarkable trees in Africa and other drier parts of the world was only recently discovered as a superfood with a powerful composition of nutrients.

While virtually the entire baobab tree is used in various ways, it’s the fruit that stands out, which once dried is made into the finest powders packed with immense benefits. The powder is unprocessed and usually packed without any additive to keep it natural and pure.

Healthy eating comes with its share of challenges and boosting the nutritional value of our meals and diets is of utmost importance. This is where the baobab powder comes in with the potential to boost the nutritional quality of any type of food, from a mere breakfast, lunch, snacks to dinner. Here is how baobab benefits your life.

Baobab Fruit Source of top minerals

One of the impressive baobab benefits is the amount of quality minerals it packs. By adding the powder in your dishes, smoothies and other favourite dishes, you will be supplying the body with such beneficial minerals as zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and copper, among others. Remember that either together or alone the minerals carry out lots of functions in your body.

Baobab Fruit Benefits for heart diseases

Due to the heavy vitamin C in baobab powder, it’s one of the best foods to use to keep the cardiovascular system working perfectly and healthy. Studies have indicated taking vitamin C in supplement form everyday for 60 days dips the levels of C-reactive protein plasma. Research has also indicated levels of C-reactive protein are perhaps a better way of measuring the risk to a heart complication than checking the levels of cholesterol.

Baobab Fruit & Varicose Veins

Venous insufficiency and varicose veins also indicate additional heart complications that an intake of vitamin C in food can alleviate. Vitamin C also comes in handy in the manufacture of elastin and collagen, which are also connective tissues mandated with ensuring veins across the body are not just toned up but strong while boosting circulation across the body.

As such, those with below par vitamin C levels are usually affected by varicose veins. Including baobab powder in your meals, smoothies and other foods will definitely bring this nutrient to the right level.

Baobab Fruit benefits Weight loss

Baobab benefits weight loss by enhancing the fat burning abilities of the body, especially while working out mostly through the addition of Vitamin C in meals. This follows a scientific study that has indicated individuals with low vitamin C concentrations in their blood were found to have burned 25% less fat in an hour’s workout at a treadmill, in contrast to individuals whose blood had the right vitamin C levels. Since carnitine production requires vitamin C, the weight reduction potential of baobab extracts cannot be under-emphasized.

Carnitine encourages the body to make fuel out of fat in contrast to storing it as fat. Baobab powder has some positive effects on glycemic response and digestion of starch, which has been touted as helpful for those who are obese or overweight.

Baobab Fruit benefits the skin

An anti-wrinkle diet is highly influenced by vitamin C and any food adding this important nutrient is highly welcome. Baobab powder contains immense levels of vitamin C. On its part, the vitamin gives the body the impetus it needs to create both elastin and collagen, unique structural proteins adding to the elasticity of the skin and its total health. The huge levels of antioxidants in baobab fruit powder also boost the skin health of the user; free radicals are neutralized by antioxidants, including unstable molecules and atoms capable of bringing a lot of damage in the cells of the body; this raises the threat of degenerative complications plus fine lines, aging and wrinkles.

Baobab Fruit benefits cleansing and as a potential detoxifier

Studies have indicated that baobab extracts contain significant level of liver damage protective effects. This is due to the presence of hepatoprotective properties within the baobab powder as a result of ursolic acid, beta-amyrin palmitate, beta-sitosterol and triterpenoids present in the extract. The health of the liver is improved in the process as the detoxification of toxic substances takes place.

Baobab Fruit - A Gluten free alternative

Baobab powder is a gluten-free and vegan functional type of food whose versatility is evident in a kitchen. Adding baobab to delicious bake blends, smoothies and dressings adds some unique flavor to the mix including additional nutrients. Due to its natural thickening characteristic, baobab powder is ideal as a gluten-free alternative particularly in thickening sauces rather than the use of tarter cream, corn starch or flour. Adding some baobab fruit powder to a roux, sauce or dressing will thicken it.

Baobab Fruit benefits Diabetes and Blood sugar levels control

Both insoluble and soluble fibers are found in baobab powder. It’s packed as it was harvested without any additive and this makes sure all nutrients are well maintained. The fiber in the powder helps a lot in the control of levels of blood sugar. Baobab benefits your health as insoluble fibers are also important in improving digestion by the creation of roughage within the digestive tract.

Remember teeth, gums, blood vessels, bones and skin all require vitamin C if they are to remain as healthy as possible, and this is how baobab benefits them. Absorption of iron in the body also requires an intake of vitamin C, including fighting off fevers and colds. Baobab fruit powder’s high vitamin C content, which is six times that of the most nutritious oranges, makes it the wonderful choice to go for.

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